Pilates and Dem Beets


Today was a day of firsts for this guy.  I’ve just about completed my first block of P90X3, I will have a fimg_4014ull recap/review of the first month next week.  As with P90X the last week of each block is a recovery week, incorporating a little more cardio and stretching and less strength training.  So today’s workout was Pilates X and this was my first experience with Pilates.  It is all about breathing and synchronizing your breaths with your movements.  I wouldn’t say that I was nailing it as I sounded more like a panting dog than a Pilates student.

I followed my morning workout with a raw beet smoothie.  Which honestly is the first time in my adult life that I can remember eating a raw beet.  Along with the beet I added celery, blueberries and unsweetened almond milk.  It was… um, not the worst smoothie that I ever had… but certainly not the best.  I guess that should be expected as I was DRINKING A BEET.



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