Excess in Moderation and the Dang GSC

It began with a knock on the front door Saturday morning.  A nice young lady, braving the western Nebraska winter winds and toting around a wagon full of Girl Scout Cookie-goodness.  Folks, the season is upon us!  So prior to this I’ve had a pretty good few weeks in regards to my fitness goals.  I’ve been hitting my workouts, even when I have to amend my schedule and I’ve been doing a good job of sticking to my nutrition plan… with only a few deviations.  Some weeks are much easier than others and I do love the way that my body feels and performs on the good weeks.  My general nutrition goal is to get closer to a plant-based diet.  Now, if we are being honest with each other my love for burgers, cheese and donuts is a HUGE obstacle in achieving this and I realize that I will most likely never reach a complete plant-based diet.  That is unless peanut butter donuts start growing on trees.  Mmm, and cheeseburger farms?  Rows and rows of that cheesy goodness sprouting from the ground…  Can you imagine?  I can… sigh.


Andyways, that is not the point.  For now I’m content with the smaller steps (the training wheels as some may say) like green smoothies, meatless Monday’s, more real food and less of the processed not so great food.  Less… you know, as in moderation.  Ugh, I’ve never been good at that.  It’s important, it’s something that I preach to my kids, I CAN do it… it is just something that doesn’t come easily to me and I really, really have to work for it.  I’ve always lived by the mantra that you can never have too much of a good thing and if it’s worth doing once than it’s worth doing over and over and over.  This isn’t bad in regards to some things, however, all too often I apply this to my poor food choices.  A cheeseburger is great… but a double cheeseburger, now you’re talking.  All you can eat buffet?  Um okay.  I just finished that third plate… I’m stuffed… wait did they just bring out a new flavor of pizza?  Ugh does it have pineapple?  I’d better try that one.


So back to the nice sugar-peddler at my door.  Am I going to send her off empty handed?  Failure in the sound of a slamming door?  That would be devastating and isn’t this world harsh enough as it is?  Heck, she’s out here like the rest of us… just trying to make it, man.  What am I some kind of animal?  Of course not!  Give me a box of your finest peanut butter patties… you know what?  Make that four boxes.  What’s that you say?  A new flavor has been released?  I’ll “try” two of those.  Here’s your money and off you go. A few hours later, after word gets out that there is a sucker in the neighborhood, the next one shows up.  Then the online order emails start rolling in.  Oh this one is from my niece down south… they have the original recipe cookies.  You see if you don’t follow this as closely as I than you may not be privy to the fact that there are actually two different recipes for these cookies.  For certain types of cookies the original recipe is where it’s at… but for others, such as the peanut butter patties, the new recipe is the way to go.

So long story, longer. I’ve got a cupboard full of cookies… and a few more coming in the mail.  But that’s okay.  Having goals, improving and living healthier doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable and eat rice cakes and carrots sticks all day.  For me, I can have a little excess at a meal or a few cookies… just not all the time.  In fact I do that stuff a lot less and so when I do I enjoy it more.  I mean if loading up on veggies has taught me anything, it’s that moderation can be a good thing!

Hooray for carrot sticks

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