Spartan Race Time!

So it’s been a bit since my last post.  Since then I finished up the 3rd and final block of P90X3.  Unfortunately, I’m still not as ripped as Tony Horton; but overall I was pretty pleased with the program and my results.  P90X3 is not as intense as the longer sessions in the P90X program, but the 30 minute workouts in P90X3 were perfect for my schedule.  It helped to get me through the long winter months and I even managed to get into the 15%-ish body fat range while maintaining my muscle quality… that is a win for this guy.


Road to the race.

With P90X3 finished up and the warmer weather it was time to turn my attention to Spartan race season and get back to my favorite workout schedule.  This includes strength training Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Cardio (outdoors!!!) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and I even added a weekly yoga session to Sunday mornings.

One of my main goals for 2017 is to earn my first Spartan Trifecta medal by completing a Sprint, Super and Beast race this calendar year.  This Saturday I will be competing in the Spartan Super race at the Fort Carson, Colorado army base.  Then on Sunday I will compete in the Spartan Sprint race, also in the thin air of Fort Carson, Co.  This will be a great challenge for a couple of reasons.  It will be my first Spartan Super, which is 8-10 miles, up and down a mountain with 24-29 obstacles.  I’m guessing that there will be more than a few obstacles that I didn’t see last year in my Spartan Sprint race.  I’m most excited to try out a rope climb and spear throw, both of those were missing from my race last year.  I’ll be racing with a good friend of mine on Saturday and his wife will join us for the race on Sunday.  The goal Saturday is to push ourselves for a respectable time… I’m thinking top 50% minimum and also not to injure myself as I’ll be racing again less than 24 hours later.


So that’s the plan, hopefully I’ll be coming home with some hardware and tee shirts (which is my wife’s favorite part, which means I can give her one and actually get to wear one of my tee shirts this year).    Plenty more to come this weekend!  Aroo

2016 Breckenridge Spartan Sprint Finishers





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