Spartan Race Time!

So it’s been a bit since my last post.  Since then I finished up the 3rd and final block of P90X3.  Unfortunately, I’m still not as ripped as Tony Horton; but overall I was pretty pleased with the program and my results.  P90X3 is not as intense as the longer sessions in the P90X program,… Continue reading Spartan Race Time!

Excess in Moderation and the Dang GSC

It began with a knock on the front door Saturday morning.  A nice young lady, braving the western Nebraska winter winds and toting around a wagon full of Girl Scout Cookie-goodness.  Folks, the season is upon us!  So prior to this I’ve had a pretty good few weeks in regards to my fitness goals.  I’ve… Continue reading Excess in Moderation and the Dang GSC