P90X3 Eccentric Upper Knee-Jerk

Just finished day 1 of block 2 so here is my knee-jerk reaction.  The best part about starting a new block is that all of this is new so I’m preforming a lot of the exercises for the first time.  This routine is a good one… like it kinda hurts to type right now.  It’s… Continue reading P90X3 Eccentric Upper Knee-Jerk

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

I LOVE smoothies… there, I said it.  As a guy who has never been great at eating his veggies a nice green smoothie is the perfect addition to my diet.  Even the bad ones, trust me I’ve blended up some pretty awful tasting concoctions,  are much more tolerable  as a drink.  But the good ones… I… Continue reading Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Pilates and Dem Beets

  Today was a day of firsts for this guy.  I’ve just about completed my first block of P90X3, I will have a full recap/review of the first month next week.  As with P90X the last week of each block is a recovery week, incorporating a little more cardio and stretching and less strength training. … Continue reading Pilates and Dem Beets

Andy vs. The Cheeseburger: My Change In Course

So I had this moment in the fall of 2014.  Actually it was the culmination of lots of moments.  Years of putting in long hours at work, raising a family, playing hard… you know, life stuff.  Unfortunately through all of the hectic day-to-day life stuff I became very good at neglecting my body.  It wasn’t… Continue reading Andy vs. The Cheeseburger: My Change In Course

An Explanation 

Let’s get a few things out of the way. This is not your standard, hardcore health and fitness blog.  I’m notswole.  I don’t have a rockin’ six pack… holy geez it’d be cool if I did. I’m not a doctor or a professional trainer or any kind of expert in this field… or in any field if we are being honest. I overuse… Continue reading An Explanation