Peanut Butter Banana Sweet Potato Toast

So, have  you heard about this sweet potato toast?  It’s a thing… people are actually slicing up their sweet potatoes and dropping them in the toaster.  Why?  Well because toast is so, um… bready.  But as weird as it is, I’ve got to admit that it sounded pretty dang good so I thought I’d give… Continue reading Peanut Butter Banana Sweet Potato Toast

Peanut Butter Vanilla Protein Smoothie

I’m a sucker for a good vanilla protein shake.  So when I can sneak a scoop of powder into my veggie smoothie to make it taste like a milkshake, life is pretty good.  Protein powder is an easy way to sweeten up your smoothie without adding a bunch of extra calories or sugar… plus you… Continue reading Peanut Butter Vanilla Protein Smoothie